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About Us

Welcome to CBB Today!

With many outlets shrinking their college basketball coverage, or outright dropping it, CBB Today is here to help fill that void. A place where both men’s and women’s basketball is covered year-round, from the happenings on the recruiting trail to nets being cut down each March.

Founded by a longtime college basketball writer, CBB Today aims to give readers a balance of features, analysis, news and podcasts. A multimedia venture that will focus on nothing but giving its readers the best daily coverage in the sport they love. No tricks. No wild pretenses. Just college hoops all the time.

Reinventing the wheel the people at CBB Today are not. Still, that doesn’t mean there’s little reason to consistently return to the website. The original features done regularly, as well as the big time guests consistently appearing on podcasts, are not done at most outlets that cover college basketball. We are unique in that we value both the idea of access, but do not do so at the expense of schilling out to universities to keep it. Credibility, while needing to be earned, is incredibly important to us.

To put it bluntly: CBB Today is a college basketball website. That’s it. The only goal is to cover it as properly as possible and without the concern that can come with having a future hedge fund mastermind overseeing the operations.

Visit the site. Read the columns and features. Listen to the podcasts. You’ll probably like enough of what you see to make us a daily destination spot for your college basketball news and coverage.

We thank you in advance.