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William Hill Promo Code

William Hill Promo Code 2020 *USBET150*

William Hill US PromosBonus & Offer Details (2020)William Hill Promo Codes
Welcome Offer - Sports On your First Deposit, get a Match Bonus of up to $150 Use USBET150
Welcome Offer - Casino Get a Deposit Match Bonus of up to $25 Use USBET150
Divisional Dividends For each divisional win, Get $5 in Free Bets Use USBET150

How to Sign up using the William Hill Promo Code *USBET150*?

Registering with William Hill is indeed a very intuitive process, and you will only need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Go to the official site of William Hill and select your residing state. You will be taken to the appropriate site and you will see a ‘Register’ button highlighted in yellow on the top right corner.

Step 2. Once you click on the button, a short registration form will pop up. First, you will be asked to fill out account information like your name, email, mobile no. and so on. Then you will be asked to fill in personal information like your address and security questions.

Note: This is where you enter the William Hill Promo Code – USBET150

Step 3. Then you finally have to verify all the information you put, add the payment details and you’re all set to use your account.

How to sign up using the William Hill promo code

Why William Hill?

William Hill is one of the hottest new brands to emerge in the US market. With its recent launch in states like New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, and West Virginia, it is a brand that is really starting to make sports bettors sit up and take notice. This brand actually made a name for itself over in Europe originally, but as with all great betting brands, expansion is only natural following a great deal of success.

In the United States, the features of this betting site tend to differ from state to state. With that said, depending on where you are based, you might have access to the sportsbook and the casino, or you may only have access to the main sportsbook. We would always encourage you to check in with the site before making any assumptions, and as with all betting sites in the US, you need to make sure that when you make sports bets that you are within the state in which you signed up in.

With all of this in mind, we should note that William Hill is looking like it could reach the very top of the US market quite quickly. With a fantastic sportsbook, a growing casino library, and one of the best mobile apps we’ve seen in recent years, William Hill really is a site that is worth checking out.

William Hill Key Features

As with any sports betting site, it has to be loaded with key features that are appealing for sports bettors to really get the most out of their experience. That is precisely what we will be looking at within this section, and believe us, there is plenty to get through. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Range of Sports

It is always a positive thing to have access to a wide variety of sports when betting, and that is precisely what William Hill provides you with. In fact, at the time of writing, there are around 15 different sports that you can place wagers on. Of course, this includes plenty of the most popular leagues in North America, such as baseball, basketball, soccer, football, and hockey. But William Hill serves up more leagues than just the domestic classics.

The site also provides betting opportunities on sports like rugby, Aussie rules, darts, MMA, golf, and many others. So as you can see, there is certainly no shortage of sports for you to bet on, and you will literally find popular markets for these sports on almost a daily basis. To add to the excitement factor here, all of the sports are available through the rather impressive William Hill mobile app – available for download on Android and iOS.

Variety of Betting Markets

It’s one thing having access to plenty of sports, but William Hill has taken things a step further through its sportsbook opportunities. This is seen with the sheer variety of betting markets that it has available for the majority of sports, with the general range being somewhere between 50 and 150 markets for most sports. However, when a major event comes around such as the Champions League soccer final or the NBA playoffs, it is perfectly normal for William Hill to create markets in excess of 200.

Needless to say, this range includes most of the standard markets that you can expect with most sports betting sites. This includes the likes of moneyline bets, handicap, spread, tournament outright, parlays, and live markets for you to bet on. By having such a variety of markets, it means that you essentially have more opportunities to potentially find some value in the markets.

William Hill Promo Code

After all, it is often the case where the standard moneyline markets don’t offer much value, but then when you dive deeper and look beyond these markets, there can be others that provide a real chance of a larger payout. To find out what betting markets are available for any particular event, all you need to do is click it and this will expand the screen and show all of the markets that you can place wagers on.

Quality Odds

This is a big factor to consider, and it’s something that sports bettors don’t always take the time to investigate. You can compare the odds on a site by looking at a market, such as the moneyline market, and then comparing these odds with one of the main competitors to the William Hill brand. We have done this for multiple sports that are supported on the site, and our conclusion is that William Hill offers plenty of value across the board.

With that said, the sports where you can find the most appealing odds include hockey, baseball, football, and basketball. What this means is that if you can make a successful bet within these markets, the return will usually be larger than if you had made the same bet on a competitor site. Just as a side note, you can actually change the presentation of the odds with William Hill too. So if you are ever struggling to understand the default odds format, you can always change this in the settings, with the available formats being American, fractional, and decimal.

In some cases, William Hill will pick certain events where they will provide boosted odds too, which gives you a chance to get an even higher return than with the standard markets. These tend to be selected at random, so we would simply advise that you check back into the sportsbook as often as you can to check out if these boosted odds are available.

Quick bets functionality

This function is particularly useful if you are in a rush or if you are trying to make a live bet. After all, odds can change in seconds with sports betting, so it is incredibly important to be able to place your wager with just a click or two. This is obviously something that Willaim Hill understands, as it has designed its sportsbook in such a way that members can place bets very quickly. You never need to click more than 2 or 3 times to actually place your wager, and this is true whether you are making your bets from the desktop site or mobile platforms.

William Hill Promo Code for Mobile

William Hill even has pre-set wager values too, which you can change within the settings of your account. This allows you to customize your experience to a certain extent, and change the default settings to a value that you are comfortable with. The most common default wager is $1, but this is only true for the pre-match markets. If ever you want to make in-play wagers, which is recommended if you are trying to find extra value, this default setting goes all the way down to $0.10.

Low bet minimums

This feature is closely tied into what we have just been discussing above, as William Hill is one of those sites that hasn’t set the parameters too high for sports betting. With just a $1 minimum bet requirement for wagers that are made in the pre-match markets, this brand is friendly for those that don’t want to invest heavily in sports betting, as well as for beginners who might be new to online betting. After all, sports betting should primarily be fun, and should never cause financial trouble.

This minimum bet is a great way to allow people to stay in control, and above all, it makes it very easy for players to get started and enjoy sports betting with William Hill.

Regular promotions

The final feature of the sportsbook that will really get your mouth watering is the extra reload promotions that can be accessed through the promotions tab. These promotions are plentiful with William Hill, including bonuses for parlay bets, bonuses for playoff competitions, and so much more. These are all in addition to the 100% first deposit match that is open to all new players, whereby you can grab $150 in free sports bets. Remember to use the William Hill Promo Code – USBET150 to claim this bonus. After all, bonuses are a way for the site to reward loyal customers, so you may as well take advantage of them when they are available.

Most of the bonuses with William Hill can be claimed on both platforms – desktop and mobile. The only exception is when the site comes up with a mobile-only bonus, which is rare, but they do occur. For that reason, we would advise that you download the native app and opt-in to receive marketing materials, for you will never miss a bonus update if you do this.

The best element of promotions with William Hill is that they seem to create new and exciting offers on almost a weekly basis, and there is no limit to how many of them you can claim. This means that you could essentially get several free bets every single week, which just adds to the value that is there for the taking by signing up with this site.

William Hill Sportsbook – a closer look

At the time of writing, William Hill has just shy of 15 different sports that members can wager on. That’s comparable to what Fanduel Sportsbook offers its customers. This selection includes some of the top leagues in the USA too, such as the NBA, NHL, MLB, NBA, and several others. All of these leagues and markets are presented in an ‘easy on the eye’ sportsbook, which is also very simple to use. The dark blue and gold backdrop used by the site has helped to identify key markets and other sportsbook sections too, which beginners will find particularly useful.

Concerning the range of markets for each individual sporting event, William Hill has an adequate selection. You’ll typically find that the number of markets can fluctuate between 50 and 150, and this is dependent on the size of the event in question, as well as what sport you are trying to bet on. With that said, you can always bet on a good range of pre-match markets, which includes the ability to wager moneyline, handicap, tournament outrights, and spread bets.

Once the games kick-off, William Hill does provide in-play markets too. These are constantly fluctuating since they are live markets, and it really does present users with a chance to lock-in some awesome odds. In fact, on the subject of odds, we should also stress that William Hill has some of the most competitive odds you can find out of any other sportsbook in North America.

This means that if you make a winning sports bet with William Hill, your return will often be higher than it would be with a different site. You should also keep a keen eye out for reload promotions within the sportsbook, as William Hill creates free bets, insurance, and other bonuses from time to time. Talking about sportsbook promotions, using the William Hill Promo Code – USBET150, you can get a Deposit Match of up to $150 on your first deposit.

William Hill Casino – a closer look

The William Hill casino is quite literally brand new. For that reason, we are seeing new games spring up on almost a daily basis. The casino has been launched in partnership with the Tropicana Atlantic City Casino, which is a prestigious physical casino located in New Jersey. This is good news for those seeking an excellent online casino, for when the Tropicana Casino gets their teeth into something, they do things properly. When you combine this with William Hill’s drive for excellence, things really do look promising.

Coming back to the actual casino itself, there is a moderate selection of games. William Hill has recently added a few roulette games to the mix, including European Roulette and American Roulette, but it has also added some key video slot titles too. Games like Divine Fortune have already proved to be a big hit with established members, and as we have outlined earlier, William Hill is constantly increasing the size of its casino library.

We are sure that the site will add more games and more providers as the weeks and months roll by, and in time, this could become a great site for casino gaming.

William Hill Promo Code

FAQs about William Hill

Does William Hill offer any kind of live streaming opportunities right now?

At the time of writing, William Hill does not actually offer any live streaming opportunities for sports. Given that this is a feature that many online sportsbooks are now looking to implement however, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if William Hill did start to roll out this feature over the coming months. With that said, all we can do is sit and wait to see if this does materialize.

What will happen if I try and place a bet from outside of the state that I signed up from?

According to state laws in the US, you must be physically located within the borders of the state that you signed up in to make a sports bet. William Hill makes use of the latest geolocation technology to ensure that this law is adhered to by all players. So, if you do proceed to try and place a bet from outside the state borders where you are registered, the bet will simply not be accepted by William Hill.

What kind of casino games can I play with William Hill?

The online casino product with William Hill is extremely now. At the moment, you can only find a handful of video slots and table games, but as with any decent online betting site, William Hill is looking to try and expand its library all the time. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising if we started to see plenty for video slots being listed on the site, and live casino games may even follow.

Is there a way that I can check out upcoming events?

Absolutely. Just by clicking any of the sports that are listed within the William Hill sportsbook, you will then be shown a full list of the upcoming events. These can often be events that are scheduled to take place over the coming weeks, but through the futures section of the sportsbook, you can find markets that are not even scheduled for up to a year in advance.

Does William Hill ever provide cash out options for sports bets?

Of course. This is one of the most in-demand features on the site, and it is something that William Hill is actually quite generous with. Regardless of the type of bet you have made, whether it be a moneyline bet, an outright, handicap, or spread, William Hill will generally offer you a cash-out option if the bet is going well for you.

Whenever you want to see whether this option is on the table, simply check out the ‘my bets’ section of the sportsbook. Here you can see what bets can be cashed out (if any), and cashouts can actually be done with the click of a button.